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    • The Original Google Chromecast Won’t Get Any More Updates May 31, 2023
      We know them today as smart TV dongles that allow you to stream your favorite shows and movies through Google TV, but Chromecasts had a much simpler beginning. The device that started it all, launched in 2013, is quietly being killed off after a long 10-year run.Read This Article on How-To Geek ›
    • Do LED Bulbs Burn Out? May 31, 2023
      It might seem like a question with an obvious answer, but LED bulbs don’t burn out the same way traditional incandescent bulbs do. Here’s what happens instead.Read This Article on How-To Geek ›
    • Buy a Waterproof Speaker for the Pool, & Grab More Early Summer Sales May 31, 2023
      Memorial Day might have come a close far too soon, as long weekends always do, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still worthwhile deals out there. With discounts on the 6th generation Apple iPad Mini, the Fitbit Sense 2 Smartwatch, JBL’s fully waterproof speaker, and more, you should have no trouble finding sales on tech gadgets that […]

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